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Another project you might find interesting is
an OS-indepedent input method for ancient languages.

Thetis is a Java application (thus OS-independent) that allows philologists to statistically analyze the Homeric and Hesiodic Epic. So far Thetis can sort all words and all phrases (consisting up to sixteen words) and automatically store them in a MySQL database for further analysis. In its final stage of development Thetis is going to enable the user to make a complete statistical analysis and automatically create a Thesaurus from any given text.

Thetis is still in pre-alpha development stage, so it is still not available for download. The first Beta version (and the equivalent source code) is going to be released in December 2005.

For the moment, you can download a complete Thesaurus of the Homeric and Hesiodic poems, created by Thetis. Just open the file in any text editor and select a Unicode Greek font. On the left column (Word) you have all words that occur in the Epics. On the first column from the right (Epic) you have the name of epic (o stands for Odyssey, i for Ilias, as for Aspis, er for Erga, theo for Theogony). In the second column (Line) from the left you have the line  in which the word can be found in that particular Epic. In the third column from the left (Count) you have the position of that word in the particular line and on the fourth column from the left (Total) you have the total count of words in that line.

You can use and distribute Thetis totally free of charge (check the licence). Logo

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